How to download youtube video from mobile!

How to download youtube video download without application

First of all, we are going to tell you how you can download youtube videos without downloading any applications. Because many people want to download youtube videos.

 some people do not want to download any kind of application. Because of the smartphone's low Ram and Rom, Because of low ram and Rom, there is a hanging issue Arrived You can use this method under those conditions.

To download youtube videos without any application,

- you will need google chrome, which is usually easily found in every smartphone.

- First of all, you have to open youtube in google chrome. And then click on the youtube video you want to download.

- After clicking on the video, at the top of google chrome, you see WWW yoy have to change that url , you have to type ss and search for it.


- As soon as you search, a window is open as shown above. After this, select the quality of youtube video you want to download and your video will start downloading.

In this way, you can download any youtube video without any software / 

application. This is a very easy way to download videos from youtube

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