What Is Andronix

I am here again , bring another app for Android ; available for other OS too. In this tutorial I'm gonna tell you about Andronix app , it's an app from play store . Using this app , you can install some of the most popular CLI OS with their GUI environment too.

You can install more distros with their desktop environment so you can experience both , CLI as well as its GUI in Android.

So let's get started ,

---> Open play store ,
---> Search Andronix app 

[ NOTE: Termux in required ; Android version should be at least 5.1 ; Device architecture supported: ARMv7, ARM64, x64. ]

---> After installing Andronix , open it 

---> Select your desired OS , which you wanna install.

Now you'll get two option with their other choices too

copy command or paste in termux directly through Andronix 


Select desktop environment , it has two and more environments 

This app has community support in discord , WhatsApp and telegram .
It has both version , premium and free version .

Here are more detail of app ,

            Andronix let you install various popular Linux distributions on your Android device by using Termux and PRoot functionality on the Android system without root. The application also provides you a graphics layer or Desktop environment (Xfce, MATE, LXDE, LXQT and KDE) on the top of the Linux shell which makes the user experience much better than working on a Linux command line.

Dark Mode - Use AndroNix at night comfortably.

AndroNix Commands -  It's all you need to manage your commands , just copy and paste!

Offline Downloads -  you'll be still needing internet to download some files depending upon your device at the time of installing.

Automation Added - If you choose AndroNix Premium, it'll handle everything for you. Just login and forget the rest.

Profile Tab Added - Profile let's you see your current status (Premium or not). If you're a premium member, profile section has many things for you.

Termux is now available offline - it is now offer an offline copy of Termux within

No root permissions required.

Distros supported by app: Manjaro , Ubuntu , Kali Linux , Debian , Parrot OS , Fedora , Arch Linux

Desktop environments supported by app : KDE , LXDE , LXQT , MATE , XFCE.

[ One click install/uninstall feature ]
[ Features multiboot linux system ]

[ source : Playstore ]
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