Top 5 Bold Series Ever!!

Top 5 Bold Series Ever!!( 2018 )

These days, apart from television and film, the entire social media trend has turned towards the web series. That's why many superstars of TV and film are appearing in web series. Not only this, he is not avoiding being bold even by crossing his limits in all web series. The year 2018 was very popular in films. At the same time, many bold web series also came this year which have created a complete sensation on social media.

These are all web series that have been completely named edld. Not only this, in all these web series, two superstar actresses have also been seen giving bold scenes with each other. Let's see what is the delay here, a glimpse of those bold web series ..

The No. 1 

dirty talk is Ekta Kapoor's web series, while Ekta Kapoor's web series 'Badi Baat' has also been released recently. Which will show those dirty things happening in the society. Which nobody wants to talk about.

The No. 2

t is understood from the teaser of Number 2 Lust Stories that many stories will be seen simultaneously in this film. In this web series, an attempt is being made to break the stereo type that is being played with sex.

The No.3

Seeing the bold scenes in Number 3 Ragini MMS Returns created a furore on the internet. Alam is that in this web series, Karisma was seen crossing all limits of boldness


The No.4

Nia Sharma was seen kissing her star in Twisted. At the same time, he also gave many bold scenes in Twisted 2.

The No. 5

Shama Sikander was seen crossing all limits in number 5 Maya. Shama Sikander completely broke her TV cult image in this web series.

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